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Our Story

For over 50 years, the Evington Youth Club has been a multifunctional space dedicated to the collaborative learning and entertainment of the local children and young adults of Evington, in Leicester.

The club was founded in 1964 by Frankie Vaughan CBE DL, an incredibly talented and successful pop singer and film actor. Frankie's career spanned 6 decades, in which time he recorded over 80 singles and starred opposite Marilyn Monroe in the 1960 musical comedy film "Let's Make Love".


The organisation was initially brought into being under the auspices of the "National Association of Boys Clubs", an organisation which has since moved to the more inclusive moniker of the "National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs" and still does great work to this day, helping establish clubs and organisations like ours for the advancement of youth services up and down the country. We're proud to associate the early part of our history to them, and the values Frankie shared with them.


Frankie went on to become Vice President of the 'Association for Young People' and was awarded an OBE in 1965 and, later, a CBE, in 1997, for his untiring efforts to promote positive leisure time activities for youth.


He said he owed his commitment to the cause to a boxing group he was a part of during his own childhood, growing up in Liverpool, which kept him out of trouble, and to which he attributed much of his success in later life. 

Sadly, Frankie Vaughan passed away in 1999, but the spirit of his dedication to providing children a safe, inclusive and positive space where they can be themselves, try new things and just have fun, will be something we cherish, maintain and champion, always.

Where to find us...

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